"Azerbaijan Pharmaceutical &

Pharmacotherapy Journal"

ISSN 1994-1951

The scientific-applied journal

Issued since 2001



  • Manuscripts are accepted for publication with the stipulation that they have not been published or submitted elsewhere.
  • The manuscript must be preceded by the official letter from the institution where the work has been performed, and have a visa of supervisor.
  • The one copy of the manuscript must be signed by all the authors. It is necessary to specify the surname, first name and patronymic of the author with whom the Editorial Board will hold correspondence, his e-mail address, phone and fax number.
  • Submitting the manuscript, the author agrees that the copyright for it goes to the Publisher, if it is accepted for publication, at the time of its approval.
  • The copyright includes the exclusive right to copy, distribute (including reprints, photographs, microforms or any other reproductions of a similar nature), as well as translation of the article.
  • Sent to the Editor manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed.
  • Editorial opinion may not coincide with the point of the view of the authors of published materials.
  • At a reprint of the article the reference to the journal is required.
  • Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of advertising publications.
  • Editors are accountable and must take responsibility for everything that they publish.
  • Editors must make fair and impartial decisions, independent of commercial interests and ensure fair and appropriate peer review process.
  • Editors should accept editorial policy that encourages maximal transparency and full, fair report.
  • Editors should protect the integrity of the published records, making, if necessary, corrections and denials and pursuing suspected persons in research or publishing misconduct.
  • Editors should curb misconduct reviewers and editors
  • Editors should critically evaluate the ethical standards for research on humans and animals.
  • Reviewers and authors should be aware in that they are expected to
  • Editors should adopt appropriate policy regarding regulation of editorial conflicts of interest.