"Azerbaijan Pharmaceutical &

Pharmacotherapy Journal"

ISSN 1994-1951

The scientific-applied journal

Issued since 2001



"Azerbaijan pharmaceutical and pharmacotherapy journal" - being as scientific-practical journal has been published not only original articles, brief information, letter to editor, the actual problems about pharmaceutical and pharmacotherapy, but also thoroughly adjacent medical and chemical science.

1. Articles are printed in three language: azerbaijan, russian and english (foreign authors). In additional, resume must be written in two other languages except the language of article is written. Except the letter directed to editor, all manuscripts are reviewed and author takes responsibility for the contents of articles.

   Manuscripts of articles and brief information must be printed in two samples (over 1,5 interval, type N 14, in a list- no more than 65 signs and symbols).Volume of manuscript, including the indicator of literature oughtn't to exceed: for original, articles - 9 lines, for brief information - 4 lines, letter to    editor - 40 lines. In the first page of manuscripts must be given: 1) name of investigation; 2) initials and surname of authors; 3) designation of establishment and its address; 4) e-mail address of author; 5) key words: in azerbaijan, russian and english (no more than 5 words)

2. Statements must be explicit, succinct, without any repetition. Following column  recommended: preface (introduction), the aim of work, materials and methods (at first, is given International Nonproprietary Name-(INN) investigation of medicinal preparations, then their trend name and name of producing country(firm), discussion and conclusion (scientific innovation must be indicated distinctly, practical significance of work), bibliography, resume. Abbreviations and  explanations in article are explicated in brackets ( ). Formulas and chemical structures must be precise and executed with graphics.

Tables and pictures are designed in a list with graphics. Volume of each illustration must be exceeded in one page. Photoes are presented in its original variant.

3. In article must be written down information according to the used scientific source.

Footholds must be indicated according to the source number with arabic numbers (in square brackets [ ]). Sources have to be numbered with literature consistency in the text, not with alphabetical order. If the text is guided by the same literature, it must be signed with previous number. Only first, three author's name and surname must be given (if the authors more than three, other authors are noted as :"etc", "and so on", "et al"). Articles' names of journal must be noted full. Then the name of source (journal, monograph, omnibus .etc.) is given, it's only allowed to avtoreferats  of  dissertation. A number of literature can be no more than: for articles - 10, for brief information - 5, letter to editor no more than 2. Bibliography must be substantiated to the scientific source of last 5-10 years.

4. Followings must be presented to the editorial office of journal: a) letter to office; b) manuscript in two samples; c) presented articles' resumes must be added in azerbaijan, russian and english         language, their volume: for articles-15 lines, for brief information no more than 10 lines, resumes in different languages must be identical, appropriate to the content of article. Resumes must be edited strictly from the grammatical and scientific-wise; d) electron version of material in CD or disc (included also resumes), the content of articles are formed in azerbaijan language with latin       alphabet, russian language with kiril alphabet and english alphabet in the type of Times New Roman; e) author's name, father's name and surname, designation and rank; f) telephone number and email    address of author; g) a questionnaire with information about each author of the article (the form of the questionnaire can be obtained from the editorial office or downloaded from the website www.azpharmajournal.com)..

5. The editors reserve the right to reduce the published materials regardless of their volume. Non accepted (for publication) manuscripts are returned to authors only on the basis of their written request.

6. Manuscripts are accepted in the address of editorial office: 21, Bakikhanov str, Baku, Azerbaijan Medical University, educational building number 2, (3rd floor), Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Fuad Mammadov, PhD, chief master.

Articles are accepted by our e-mail: info@azpharmjournal.com